Who is Housto?

Housto, the philanthropist DJ of Houston, performs at various venues to generate money for charities in his beloved hometown. Housto gives 100 percent of what he is paid by a venue as a DJ and when possible also negotiates additional support entirely given to charity. 

One of the activities of Housto is Cause We Can Dance a series of FUNdraisers events supporting Covenant House Texas, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless youth of Houston. 

Housto, who also serves as an MC, spins house music, top 40, hip-hop and Latin depending on the crowd’s preference. His unique DJ style inspired him to create The Art of the Third Song, a live happening during and between two songs. Housto blends an energetic performance of improvisational sampling, a capella, percussion and decades of hit songs into a single harmony. 

The song is familiar, but you’ve never heard it before…